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Skeet shooting/pistol range

-$100 for pistol and $100 for skeet. 

This is a self-guided activity where guests provide their own shotguns, clays and ammunition and the ranch provides the location to shoot and/or the skeet launcher.  There is a $100 charge for the use of the shooting range and a $100 charge for the use of the skeet range. This is a one time fee. 

Hayride and Cave Tour

-$250(30 Participants)

This is our most popular group activity. This is a 2 hour educational tour highlighting the conservation efforts of the ranch, native american history, and ending in an exploration of our cave system.

Square Dance with Professional Callers

-$350 (All Guests)

Our square dances are a great opportunity for groups to truly get into the country spirit. A pair of professional callers will lead you through the steps of a variety of dances. It's fun for all ages. The event takes 2 hours and must be reserved in advance.

 Cowboy Barbacoa

-$600 for a pig(up to 30 guests)

This is as Texan as it gets. We fill a ground pit with hot coals and bury a whole pig underground and at suppertime our staff exhumes the cooked meat and serves it barbacoa-style on outdoor picnic tables. The meal portion takes 1 hour and this event must be reserved in advance.

Roping Lessons

-$350 for all guests

Nothing says “Texas” like learning how to rope from a real west Texas Cowboy. This event is a ton of fun and everyone can try it. Your group will learn the techniques of roping like a real cowboy and in no time everyone will  be hitting their target. This event takes 1.5 to 2 hours, is for all ages and must be reserved in advance.

Fly Fishing instructions

-$250 for up to 5 guests

This is a great chance to learn the basics of fly-fishing. Your instructor will teach you to assemble and bait your rod, proper casting techniques, and once you have the basics down it's time to fish! Our stocked pond is a great place to reel in a variety of fish like bass, crappie and bluegill. This event takes 2 hours and must be reserved in advance.

Wine and Cheese tasting

-$250(10 guests 21 and up)

If you have a desire for some culinary culture than our wine and cheese tasting may be perfect for you. Our staff will present an assortment of hill country fare at the main lodge and educate the participants on everything they try (with a bit of trivia added).

Tomahawk throwing tournament

with guide

-$250(all guests)

Our newest addition to the ranch and certainly one of the most fun. Your group will be divided into 2 teams and compete  against one another in an old-fashioned tomahawk throwing competition. This event is available for all guests (aged 10 and up)

Songs and S'mores!

-$100 for all guests

This is a fun family activity around the campfire. Your group gathers at the Round Up in the evening where we provide you with a copy of our Selah Springs Songbook plus everything  you’ll need for s’mores and our staff leads you in a variety of singalong tunes from the bygone era. Think “Oh Susannah”, This Land is Your Land”, and “Home on the Range.” This event takes about an hour and is good for all ages. 

Painting Class on the river

-$50 per person (5 person minimum)

This is a favorite activity for the ladies (but men love it too). We set up easels and canvases on the river and an instructor teaches everyone how to paint a subject with a western theme. This event takes 2 hours and must be reserved in advance.

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